Bernie's Report - January 26, 2007

Not powder, but not bad.

After a few days of above freezing daytime temperatures and cool nights, conditions have changed. Variable, probably describes it best in one word. No doubt, some icy patches could be encountered on most ares of the ski hill but for the most part we found "packed powder"(albeit HARD packed).

Unlike on powder days, route selection becomes an important factor in the search for the better snow. We samples both the southern and northern exposures this afternoon. North won! The sun is still pretty low in the sky and many portions of the ski hill do not yet received any direct sunlight. The snow on these slopes was certainly softer and more forgiving.

Knowing this, we somehow felt that for the last run, we had to confirm this theory. Not satisfied with good snow on 1-2-3 (?), we ventured around Curry Bowl to the sunny slope of Concussion. Luckily we didn't venture too far along the ridge before starting down the crusty frozen pitch and we were able to head into the shelter of the trees and softer snow for the remainder of the descent.

The groomed runs we skied today were all on good condition. Sunshine and bright blue skies always add to the enjoyment and there was lots of these this afternoon. Looks like the same for tomorrow...

At 7pm it is mostly clear and -4C in town.

In the shadows of 1-2-3

Griz Peak lording over Lizard Bowl

...and looking the other way toward town.

Sun setting over North Ridge

A contrail in the great blue yonder.

Currie Powder and Polar Peak

If cell phones are a distraction.. how about cameras?