John's Report - December 13, 2006

New Side Report: Fresh Lines Everywhere - All Day Long!

The day began with the intent of checking out Cedar & Boom Bowls. At 9:30 I arrived wetter than I wanted at the top of Elk Chair. With a new resolve, I headed to Timber to gain altitude, never to return. By the White Pass loading zone, the schizoid rain/snow conditions of below solidly gave way to firm round grains of snow, coming down at a respectable, not spectacular rate. Things just got better. With the 6 cms that had fallen overnight, combined with 15 or so cms that had fallen since Sunday night, conditions were great. Added to that were approximately 5 cms that fell while I skied. While it wasn�t powder (I call it cream), it was dry, easy to carve & SOFT.

For five hours I carved fresh lines throughout Siberia, Timber & Currie bowls and sundry related runs. Heck, even the feeder runs offered tons of freshies on the edges. Sure, I skied beside & across other lines, but mostly it was me and the mountain. If there were 500 on the hill today, I�d be surprised.

The downside was the thick cloud at the top of White Pass. Shakey�s Acres were skied thrice by feel and memory. Not a problem - the surface was smooth and unsurprising. The fog cleared somewhat about 1/3rd the way down. By the afternoon visits to the bottom of Timber Chair were greeted by pelting ice but not, mercifully, rain.

Coverage is very good. It�s a great early season - touch wood.

Happy Tracks.

White Pass didn't look promising from below...

... & it was worse up top.

Currie Glades were nearly untouched - picture taken about 1/2 way down, by the cliff signs

While the top was near flawless, the bottom of Currie needs more coverage

Morning Glory in Siberia had hardly been touched

Entrance to Currie/Concussion Ridge was nearly a white-out

While High Saddle was closed, no other closures were seen on the new side

Stag Leap was really soft, especially near the trees along the sides

but again, the bottom could use more coverage