John's Report - March 29, 2006

Superb Spring Skiing�s Sprung - Hot Dog!!!

At last, its here. A bright sun shone through a high haze. The air was balmy. Everyone was stripping off layers. The snow was fast and soft on top & was mushy and sticky at the bottom. The base is deep and there is no ice to be found. No matter where one went the snow was beautiful. Opposite to statements in the last two reports, the place to be was in the sun. The north slopes were great too! Wednesday was magnificent. In short, it was perfect spring skiing.

It was also spring break in Alberta and Manitoba adding greatly to the crowds attending for Hot Dog Day; a homage to days of yore when multi-coloured day-glow uni-body jump suits were de rigueur and when skiing off-piste was called �Hot Dogging�. Wacky ski gear was everywhere. A truly delightful Fernie event. If you weren�t there, you should have been. It was flawless.

The prediction is for warm weather without valley bottom freezing until Sunday night. The weather office says it might rain on Friday but that�s what they predicted for today. Time to come ski.

Happy Tracks

The Day's Begun

Boom Chair

The real Griz Deck Party

Note the ski at top centre

What the heck, one skiing picture of Tom going down the gully at the bottom of Cedar Bowl

And one more hot dog