Jay's Report - December 26, 2006

More Powder Pics

I have little to add to the Christmas Day reports from Craig and Dave other than a few more powder pictures from today and yesterday. There are still lines to be had as there are seemingly few folks on the hill. I suspect that will change in the coming days.

We had to venture into Redtree and Gorby Bowl for clean lines. There were also lines leading into Fish Bowl which looked inviting, but unnecessary. The Big Three (Stagleap, Decline and Skydive) continue to offer soft turns and the odd clean line; though, the long traverse is getting a little undulating. Boomerang and Boomerang Ridge also continue to exceed expectations. The traverse from Boomerang over to Bear is getting interesting, but nothing that another 15 or 20 c�s won�t cure; which is exactly what is in the forecast.

At 7pm, its minus 3 at the house and snowing. What can I say? I�m going to bed.

Chris on Decline

Riley on Stagleap

My 10 year old daughter in full plume

Deb on Decline

Chris on Stagleap

Deb at bottom of Redtree