Jay's Report - December 17, 2006


It was Sick the last 3 days. With 20 c�s of Fresh Fernie Feather Fluff falling on Friday, it was well, you know. I seriously can�t recall a better 3 day sequence like this in years. All skiers/boarders were frothing, yelping and reeling in the conditions. Snake Ridge was deep and clean, especially if you happen to get there (as luck would have it, I did) early on Saturday. Gorby Bowl was just as good and continued to be good all day Sunday with deep snow and clean lines abound. Although Boomerang suffered early tracking it somehow miraculously rejuvenated itself run, after run, after run courtesy of a peculiar cross wind which seemed to cover in tracks with a light, silky, cocaine type of powder. After a few runs I had the feeling like there really was cocaine floating around. The tracks were so immediately covered I was getting paranoid.

I even made a regular appearance to Kangaroo, paying homage to �the Roo� at least half a dozen times. The �New� side was equally grand, especially if you happened to arrive (as luck would have it, I did) at the top of White Pass around 12:30 on Saturday when Currie Bowl opened. Yes, everyone was blessed the last 3 days, but I was feeling especially blessed, being there for the openings in both Cedar and Currie.

With legs suffering early season burn, a slight wind flash on the skin from the minus 10 to minus 15 conditions today and memory full of powder, I need to wipe this sick grin off my face or my wife is going to slap me.

At 7pm it�s about minus 7.

Doug on Snake Ridge

Skier on the Cheese Grate off Knot's Chutes. No shortage of entertainment this weekend.

Deb on Snake Ridge

Riley on Concussion in Currie Bowl. This was first track on Saturday