Jay's Report - December 10, 2006

Total Coverage on Opening Day

I controlled my expectations for opening day this year. Maybe that�s why I thought that Saturday was one of the best opening days ever. It wasn�t a picture perfect powder day, but there was plenty to cheery about. It was after all opening day and everything was open; even the new caf� at the top of Timber and the new fancy dancy washrooms. Wouldn�t you know it, I had no reason or desire to use either, but they are there and that�s good enough for me. All runs were open on both the new side and the old side. There were even decent powder pockets to be found here and there. Snake Ridge offered up some boot top fluffies until about two thirds the way down where a crust materialized. Strangely, if you successfully managed to skid, jump and grunt your way from the bottom of Snake Ridge to Gorbies, the boot top softies reappeared for at least another dozen turns or so. Don�t get me wrong, these weren�t necessarily worry free, floating, relaxed powder turns, but hey, these days I look for reasons to keep my thighs tight.

The big three � Stagleap, Decline and Sky Dive were also nicely covered; though a bit on the crusty side. I was totally pumped at the shin deep powder on the edge of Easter; what is sometimes called Easter Trees (access from Stagleap). I nearly let go a powder yelp, but I didn�t for fear of attracting attention to the stash. It was, in fact, too good to stop for a picture. The existence of powder mines in the trees didn�t even cross my mind. (I�m a year older but clearly none the wiser.) In any event, I over-indulged that run and got too low to traverse into what is sometimes called Cervix, which is skier�s right of Easter trees. I heard tell that it was equally sweet.

Even Corner Pocket looked inviting, but I passed on it on in order to get over to the top of Easter. A grand opening day for certain.

Myra, we were thinking of you. We saved a line for you.

Boot Top on Snake Ridge

View of top of Bear Chair from Snake Ridge in the Morning

Boomerang Ridge was nice but a tad tricky

Looking down Sky Dive. Coverage is excellent for this time of year.

Dave at the top of Sky Dive before heading into top of Easter

Evan at the top of Sky Dive before heading into top of Easter