Jay's Report - February 26, 2006

Griz Earns a Spot on the Podium

The Griz did well again on Saturday. There was a comfy layer of flour type soft to make skiing splendid. Cedar Ridge was boot to shin deep, as was Boom Ridge. There were some face shots to be had but it took a little work and a bit of speed. There was the odd hard spot here and there but perfectly manageable. Currie Bowl was closed for a part of the morning but opened just as I convinced the group that it would not, persuading them to divert instead to Siberia Ridge. It was not at all disappointing but not up to the standards of 1,2,3�s and Concussion, though the latter was a little pigged by the time we arrived.

The Griz earned a spot on the powder podium today. Not a gold medal, nor a silver, but surely a bronze.

This is a brief report but stay tuned, snow in the forecast.

At 4 pm its plus 1c at the house.

Think Cold.

Don on Siberia Ridge

King Fir. It's not as deep as it looks. Don is succ

Bottom Of Boom

Bottom of Boom

Linda's Run