Jay's Report - January 27, 2006

Fluffy Friday

The hill reported a piddley 3 cm overnight. Undaunted, I risked a 6 am rising, inspired by the local forecast of mega dump. Though the mega dump didn�t transpire overnight, disappointed I was not. There was nice fluffy stuff all over the place, certainly more than 3 cm and indeed 6 inches by the end of the day. It dumped throughout the day.

The old side was better than the new. Cedar Trees was enriching. Mostly covered by boot top powd with the odd sprinkling of knee top where the snow had strategically accumulated through wind or sloughing. There was plenty of evidence of sun burnt slopes, particularly on the Concussion side of Currie. Yuk. But in the tree protected areas or the shaded runs like Stage Leap or lower Fish Bowl, secret powder stashes prevailed and amazed. Though not a totally spiritually Fernie powder day, it was a perfectly good day and soulful throughout. Face shots were there if you worked hard enough. Ski chattering hard ice was apparent in some areas but could be overcome with a mild amount of effort. My run of the day was undoubtedly lower Fish Bowl.

Evidence of growing snow pack is abound. I must admit to being overcome by misdirection on Redtree where alders that I�ve grown accustom to navigating over the last couple of years have miraculously disappeared in this year�s snow cover. For a moment I was pleasantly disoriented. What a feeling. The landscape has changed from the snow cover. There is something contenting about that. Or maybe I'm just getting older and more forgetful. Whatever, it was a grand day.

On a scale of 1 to 10, a strong 8 plus with snow in the forecast.

At 10pm. It�s minus 2C at the house.

Chris on Stag Leap.

Dave on Stag Leap

Annie working the trail between Boomerang and Bear. THe trail coverage has been great this year thanks to the efforts of the trail crew like Annie. This is a thank less task but is much appreciated.

Boomerange. Snow depth was about 10cm, but a tad crusty underneath.