Jay's Report - January 22, 2006


Old time, big time, big Fernie dump. It started Friday and by Saturday morning there was a solid 12 inches of Fernie gold on the driveway. I needed every one of the 4 wheel drive contributing to back the car out into the deep fresh. But first, I had to roll in it like a puppy to confirm first that it was real and second that it was a Downy Soft as it looked. It was. This is the kind of powder that reveres great respect, affection and love. �Just like the old days� I heard again and again. No one attempted to conceal their enjoyment of the moment.

Best day of the year for sure. In fact, probably the best day in a few years. Snake ridge was totally biblical. Cedar Ridge, King Fir and even Gorby�s offered up softies knee top or better. It was old time Fernie again. Although there were understandable closures on account of the extreme avalanche hazard, there was plenty to indulge one�s freshie appetite. Easter Bowl was open below Tower 6 which opened the gate to the big three (StagLeap, Decline and Skydive) with some horizontal effort. Access to these runs was denied from the Currie side due to half of the Currie Bowl remaining closed. It looked promising for the opening of the rest of Currie on Saturday, but reportedly just before bombs were about to be dropped from a Chopper, clouds arrived to block the assault and disappoint onlookers. Still, there was lots on the Currie Bowl to tear up safely.

Sunday offered leftovers and freshies for those who looked hard enough. It was apparent that many had blown their brains out on Saturday (either during the day or in the evening in celebration) as the hill was comparatively quiet and still on Sunday. Images of untouched closed terrain remain sublime. I could feel drool drop as I gazed at the heavens and hoped that I would be among the fortunate ones to be on hand for a complete hill opening. It was just like the old days, drool and all.

I over heard a powder crusted skier in the haul back line up yell, "Thatz whad I'm talkin about". Yes it is.

At 4pm its minus 2C at the house.

Tony on Snake Ridge

Lower Traverse to Snake

Mike On Snake

Yours Truly on Snake

First Run in Cedar Bowl

Upper Cedar Bowl - Prestine and Closed

Two Tracks on Concussion, presumably from Avalanche Patrol

Kim on Knots Chutes

Kim again on Knots Chutes

Even Kangaroo was Decent