Jay's Report - January 08, 2006

I'm So Excoited!

I don�t have to say it. The smiles of the 3 Assusies and freshie pics do that. The hill reported 25 cm yesterday and another 9 cm today. Even though a large part of the hill was closed yesterday and most of the day today due to avalanche control there was still lots to play in.

Just when I was starting to get depressed with the rain at the bottom of the hill, the Griz granted us a blessed powder day. And blessed it was. A few face shots more than made up for the �ugly� part of the day before last.

The new side of the hill was the place to be. Below the base of White Pass the snow was plentiful but of the heavy, snotty sort. If you were lucky enough, as I was, to be at the bottom half of Shakies Acres when it opened around 10:30 you were doubly blessed. The only way to improve the ski conditions would have been to close the highway as powder hungry folks from all places appeared in herds, giving way to the longest lift lines at White Pass in ages. There�s nothing but snow in the forecast.

The Aussies said it best, �I�m so excoited!�

Knots Chutes

Upper Shakies Acres. I didn't stop for pictures on Lower Shakies Acres. I had my quota and didn't want to miss snaking it.

Knots Chutes

"I'm So Excoited!"

Surprize Trees. Some call it Secret Trees.

Ski Lift Tower Shot with 25 cm Accumulation. Okay, so maybe I didn't have my quota of pics for the day.

Surprize Trees. See the smile?