Dave's Report - December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

More Christmas Cheer from the New Side. Dec 25, 2006

With Craig skiing and photographing the old side of the hill, we�ll throw in a few photos of the new side to round things off, this lovely Christmas Day.

We managed to get on the Timber Chair at 9.30 am. On the drive up from town, we passed a few of what looked to us like Santas reindeers,( minus antlers and Santa and sleigh ) on the side of the road. Or that�s how the story goes to our grandchildren in Australia.

Surprisingly, there weren�t many people around at that time of the morning, and we were lucky enough to get lots of freshies. The colder temperatures at the top of White Pass and Timber, kept the snow in pretty good condition, even with the increasing traffic as the morning late risers attacked the slopes. There were lots of whoops and hollers to be heard from all over the hill.

Shakeys, and One, Two, Threes were very nice, even the snow that had obviously come down with the blasting was quite easy to turn in. Concussion, Big Dipper, Currie Trees and the ski out at the bottom of Currie were all just lovely thankyou. And the big Christmas Present from the Griz, was Diamond Back with NO tracks !

Just gotta love a white Christmas, especially when you come from the land down under.

Santas Reindeers after a busy night

Very Quiet Base Area

Meadow on the Way up Timber

Bootleg Glades Below This Sign

Bootleg Glades

Anita on Diamond Back

Bottom of Concussion

We were accosted by this Strange Xmas Elf