Dave's Report - April 07, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Not being too sure what the rain might have done overnight, we went up fairly early and were pleasantly surprised. We only skied the new side and for most of the time thought that every one else on the planet had somehow mysteriously disappeared. Puff was great if you like smallish soft bumps but after getting on White Pass chair we ended up vanishing into the gloom about 100 metres from the top. A run into Currie seemed appropriate and as the visibility quickly improved we got nice 'creamy' turns all the way down Currie Powder. A better name today would have been 'Currie Slurpy'.

I must say the usually horrible exit out of Currie has been great this year with today being no exception. The gully to the left being great fun. Up Timber Chair again for more of the same and as we got near the top, my wife, whose favourite run is under the Chair said "Lets try under the Chair".O.K. I agreed, but we only made a few turns before retreating to more friendly terrain. With visibily near the top of White Pass improving by the minute, we did a lap down Highline, into Silver Lining and back to the chair. It was very nice but softening rapidly.

One more trip into Currie via 1 2 3's and the lure of a strong coffee was too much to resist. All in all, a fine couple of hours. I think early is best as it turns to mush fairly quickly. The Griz certainly "ROCKS",it's been a mighty fine year. Only one week to go. Is it just me or has time gone weird?. Where did Winter actually go? Oh well.............might have to change my medication.

Hey, where has everyone gone?

The bottom of Meadow

Diamond Back in the distance

White Pass.Has anyone seen anyone?

Top of Timber.I hope there's people left in town

The rot sets in

The gloom heading up White Pass

Fernie Town


Anita disappearing down 1 2 3's