Dave's Report - January 05, 2006

Fernie Turns it on for our visitors from Red Mountain and Australia on Wed 4th.

Jay, you let your wife have first tracks. Have you lost your mind !! Shame on you, what does that say for all us other sensitive types, who say something to the tune of , �Hang on honey, I�ll see if its icy �. Not good Jay, not good at all.

How is it that such a small amount of overnight snow, can make the skiing SOOOOO good ?.

Started out on the old side with a quick run straight down Lower Bear to the Boom chair. The groomers were in great conditions, thankyou grooming staff. Up Boom Chair and straight off the top into Cedar Ridge, where the turns were soft and easy despite lots of previous skiers . Managed to pick up the odd untracked turn between the trees. Up the Haul Back, over to Linda�s run, thankyou Linda � it was actually quite good. Back up Boom and over to Sunny side, which, thanks to the summer clearing, was very easy to negotiate albeit scraped off in many places.

We then headed off to Timber Chair and despite it looking foggy from below, visibility was great up top. Down to the White Pass chair, with skiing under the Timber Chair still the better way to go. We did several loops through Currie , down Big Dipper, staying hard skiers right the whole way to the bottom. Which proved to be fast and fun. Next round, down 1,2,3�s, onto Tresspass Trail and down Diamond Back. We must have been the only people we know who hadn�t skied Diamond Back over the last week, and it also was good skiing, if you kept your eyes open for obstacles. Last trip , down Shakeys, which has lots of snow, and not much scraped off, but we missed the traverse into Surprise trees ( someone got too low) but had the best run of the day to finish off. Not going to say where, as most of it was still untracked at 3.45pm

Last of a group of kids whooping and hollering down under Boom Chair.

Soft turns on Boom Ridge.

Randy, Anita, Kimberley, Peter, Sarah and Ryan on who knows where. We were having so much fun we cant remember where we were.

Looking up to traverse into Surprise Trees, which we missed because SOMEONE ( skiing in a funny fur hat) got too low.

What a beautiful place we are so blessed to live in. Looking over Fernie Town from the side of Bootleg Glades.

Mt Fernie from the top of Timber Chair.

White Pass chair in the distance.