Craig's Report - December 22, 2006

An Unexpected Treat

The forecasts weren�t particularly encouraging, so when a quick flurry this morning managed to deposit between ankle and boot deep light fluffy powder on the hill, it was a definite treat. At first I thought it might be too light to cushion the crusty stuff underneath, but in fact it proved to be the kind of snow that would be perfect for folks experiencing powder for the first time as well as hardened fluff addicts. While most turns were still made by carving on the firmer base, there was enough snow to soften everything and billow about in a most pleasing way. Definitely very fine skiing.

The number of people on the hill has slowly been increasing throughout the week, but it was still almost always possible to just ski right onto the lifts. That will undoubtedly change right after Christmas, but fortunately the conditions are such that the slopes seem well braced for the onslaught. The occasional light freshening should be all that is needed to provide lots of holiday grins, although a big dump and the accompanying avalanche closures would for once be unwelcome.

At 16:30 it is -1 C at the house and partly overcast.

In Cedar Bowl with Cruiser on the right.

And they come! Bear actually looked kind of busy, but it wasn�t reflected in the lift lines or the places we were skiing.

The Bow trees were sweet, but so was pretty much everything.

We stopped for coffee at the new Lost Boy�s cafe, which provided the excuse to check out the new toilet facilities, including an unsuspecting model. These are definitely the fanciest outhouses I have seen and were odour free and heated, although the seat was chilly enough I was glad I didn�t have to place my butt on it.

I was skiing with Bernie today, but unfortunately he didn�t have his camera and was unable to get a picture of me hanging upside down in this alder. He used mine to get this shot, but unfortunately the poles hanging in the alder and the one ski in the Cedar above are difficult to see. This is the second time in a week I have found myself suspended by shrubbery. Hmmm. Neither bush seemed damaged and I escaped with just a bruised biceps which fortunately isn�t on my wine glass holding arm.

While waiting for me to collect assorted equipment dangling from bushes, Bernie also took this shot of Currie Bowl.

The alternative route below the Falling Star switchback is now open and seemed in good shape as long as you believed all those bumps beneath the snow were some sort of mogul.