Craig's Report - December 13, 2006

The driveway was whitened overnight with about a centimeter or so of sloppy gruel, but no matter, for conditions up on the hill were again very good. Only near the bottom did the snow get gooey and for the most part it was slightly dense soft snow that less picky folks would probably call powder. Regardless of name, it made for some very sweet turns.

This afternoon�s wind gusts on the new side were at times pretty intense and the snow was somewhat wind packed. Indeed there were out of the way places in Siberia that probably had yet to see a ski or board this year, but where I wasn�t even sinking in past my bindings. Even so, it was still very nice to ski. Cedar Bowl was now open below the Boomerang cat track but the upper part remained closed as did Lizard beyond Arrow and above the Tower Six Road, so there are still some nice stashes out there.

At 16:10 it is overcast and 3 C on the porch.

Soft and sweet on Linda�s run.

Looking down from the same spot. The next few turns were probably the highlight of the day.

In Cedar Bowl where Cruiser and Cedar Center come together briefly.

Looking down 3 of 1,2,3.