Craig's Report - December 10, 2006

Opening Weekend Postmortem

A Sunday afternoon ski revealed the hill easily survived the trauma of opening weekend and is still in fine shape. Indeed I thought some parts of the old side might have been even better than yesterday and believe this may be one of the best season starts in some time. In places the new side had more of an early season look and I even, gasp, heard the click of a stone on Heartland and had to dodge some of its cousins where the Falling Star switchback meets the gully, but these were mere trifles though and coverage continues to be very good almost everywhere.

Some crust continues to be evident off piste, but I didn�t find anywhere today where it really constituted a problem. Coverage was such that almost all my normal haunts were available, although a very few are still ruled by alders.

Two reports in two days? To be honest today�s report was partially motivated by a friend�s request for help in publicizing his missing husky, so perhaps any Fernie folks, who for some strange reason are reading this, might check out the last picture and keep their eyes open for �Ice�.

At 16:20 it is overcast and sitting right on the freezing mark here at the house.

The top of the Bear Chair and upper Cedar Ridge from the far side of Cruiser.

Farther down Cedar Ridge from Cedar Center. The top of the Boom chair is denoted by the square sign on the ridge line about a third of the way from the right of the picture.

Giggly Gully, the green slope below Freeway, has been transformed into a terrain park.

Looking up Easter Bowl.

The top of 1,2,3 is in the foreground with the Currie Chutes and the town of Fernie in the background of this shot from White Pass.

The view down Barracuda. Coverage was such that I found no particular drama in finding a route down even in less travelled places.

Morning Glory in Siberia Bowl. There were lots of things to ski around, but lots of places to do it.

If anyone has any information on ICE, who went missing on Dec 6th on Stumpy Trail, please call Bob 423-7638 423-7068 or Gabi 423-4423