Craig's Report - November 23, 2006

With a little over two weeks until the lifts open, things are looking very tasty out there. A small offering yesterday and a fairly significant dump last night have covered last week�s rain crust and added to the already encouraging snow pack. Even better, much more snow is forecast, albeit accompanied by �hide in the house� temperatures.

It was still warm today though, so I trudged around the lower mountain on my XC stuff checking things out and definitely liked what I saw. While some runs still have a good selection of weeds, most look great and ready for prime time. The camera provided a good excuse to catch my breath, so I have an abundance of pictures and will let them and the captions tell the story, while I look on in a tired stupor.

At 17:45 it is overcast and -1 C at the house.

An inviting looking North Ridge rises above the top of the Haul Back.

Even seen from the base, Lizard Trail looks eager to get the show on the road.

Since the rest of the pictures might convey the image of mid winter, I included this fuzzy shot of Holo Hike to show that some runs still have a good selection of weeds. The picture is honorably grainy though, as snow was just pelting down at the time.

Even the lower part of North Ridge looked pretty appealing, although it might have been a slow trip given the snow depth.

Cedar Ridge from near the bottom of King Fir.

The Cruiser cat track on the left and lower Cedar Main on the right, with the gully between them.

Snake Ridge the Magnificent! Snake Main on the upper left, Gorbi Bowl in the center and Steep and Deep at the right. Note that they did some alder clearing on Steep and Deep. Mmmmmm.

Boom chair from the bottom.

Lower Bear from he bottom of the Boom Chair. Isn�t that a lovely sight. :-)

Looking up Lizard Trail into Lizard Bowl from the level of the bottom of the Bear Chair.

While Stag Leap and Sky Dive look much bushier, Decline looks like it would be pretty nice, especially once the first wave of sacrificial lambs have unearthed the more voracious snow snakes.

Currie Bowl from the top of Meadow concludes our tour.

All snow is not good. However, blessed be the Lord Snowblower, for it is indeed good.