Craig's Report - November 01, 2006

There has been no more snow since Sunday�s storm, but the sunny days have been nippy and everything has stayed white and light. Around the base the snow has collapsed down to not much more than ski basket depth, but on the upper half of the mountain it is still boot deep or better. Certainly not deep enough for sane skiing or boarding, but that hasn�t kept numerous board tracks from appearing up in Lizard.

There are now lots of animal tracks visible on some parts of the mountain and I saw some more of the tracks I think belong to a cougar. If the beast is still hanging around by the time the lifts open, it just might add a new meaning to the term �cat skiing�.

At 16:00 it is clear, just a bit hazy and -6 C out on the porch.

The view down Currie Bowl and up the valley from the start of Trespass Trail.

The first four pictures were all taken from the same spot at the start of Trespass Trail in Currie. This one is looking over at the Currie Chutes.

Here Polar Peak sits above the lower part of Currie Powder.

And finally looking up at 1, 2, 3 on the left and Down Right on the right.

The middle sister looms over part of Mount Fernie in this image from Trespass Trail.

I really didn�t expect to see a snow gun working on November 1st. Perhaps they are just taking advantage of the cold weather to test things out. This is on lower Meadow, just by the Timber chair.