Craig's Report - October 29, 2006

Suddenly White

This time the predictions of snow were right on. Between mid morning and mid afternoon, the hill went from bare to being covered with fairly light snow that was hiking boot deep or better. The snow fall seemed pretty uniform, with about as much in my front yard as up on Bear. In our time here I can�t recall October snow staying down at the base, but November 1st snow falls have stayed at least twice, so perhaps it will this time.

I didn�t really plan for pictures today and it was kind of crummy for taking them anyway. The result is just three offerings from about halfway up Bear.

At 16:30 it is -6 C at the house and still snowing, but just lightly.

The Sun Up hair pin where it kisses Bear.

Looking up towards Bear Ridge from the same spot.

And the lower pard of Bear, again from the Sun Up hair pin.