Craig's Report - September 19, 2006

Title? I Don�t Need No Stinkin Title!

There is no reason for this report other than I decided to once again play chicken with the rain gods and happened to have the camera with me. Despite generally gloomy weather the last few days, the snow has pretty much gone from all but the tallest mountains around Fernie, which I guess should be expected given that summer isn�t quite over yet, at least officially.

My trek took me by the Lost Boys Cafe (LBC?), which now sports a shingled roof and continues to look more and more promisingly complete. However the toilet building still just consists of a fancy concrete hole in the ground.

At 17:00 it is 12 C and has just started to rain.

Progress continues on the Lost Boys Cafe at the top of the Timber Chair.

The lovely green washroom sits at the right of this picture with its door open for inspection. Fortunately that is the existing facility and the concrete pad in front of it is actually the holding tanks and foundation for the new building. Undoubtedly it will be more comfortable, but at what cost in character?

Just another view of the LBC.

The upper bowls are starting to look more fall like. This is Currie, with Polar Peak in the back ground.

The Currie Chutes from the same location, with the notch of the lower saddle at the upper left.

Sunnyside framed by trees near the top of the leftmost Windows Chute. The top of the Bear Chair is just visible and the upper left and the top of the Boomerang chair is at the upper right.

Fluffy fall fireweed. I guess last year�s alder clearing looks like a fire to these guys, for they seemed to have thrived this year.

In the bicycle park, most of the earth works for the summer tricks have been mechanically returned to Mother Moose.