Craig's Report - April 18, 2006

So Long Griz and Thanks for all the Snow!

It was a fine finale to a fabulous season. True the weekend did deliver some late season freshies, but it just seemed right that the hill shook off the gloom and damp of last week to serve up brilliant sunshine and some superb spring skiing for Monday and today, the last two days of the season. Also it is rather unusual for the hill to close on a Tuesday, so there certainly weren�t all that many folks out enjoying the last day and strangely the place seemed even more deserted yesterday, despite it being a holiday.

This season won�t go down in the record books for snow pack nor did it have any of those outrageous powder days that now just seem to be a memory. Indeed by historical standards it was probably a pretty average Fernie year. but it did produce many excellent days of sliding and after the recent few substandard seasons, it was great to be reminded of how outstanding even an average Fernie season can be. Let�s hope the Griz keeps it up and perhaps even throws in a few of those legendary seasons to balance everything out.

Tomorrow the employees get their traditional end of season day to play, so there is actually one more day of skiing and boarding left. The forecast is for more sun and even warmer temperatures as the Griz rewards the folks who have served him well all winter. Then poof, the day after everyone will be gone and for the next few months the hill will be my semi private playground again. That goes a long ways towards offsetting any regrets about the season being over. :-)

Once again many thanks to the folks who provided reports this season, particularly Jay and John who were really the backbone of the effort this year.

Have a great summer everyone!

A few final snowy scenes. The traverse to Snake Ridge with Griz Face looming above.

Upper Lizard Bowl. Richard�s run and Heiko�s run (up on the cliffs) were covered with tracks.

Cedar Bowl from the top of Snake Main.

Snake Ridge from the top of Spruce. The largely alder free KC chutes are in the lower center.

Standing on meters of snow at the top of White Pass, while it is spring in the valley and the golf course is soon to open.

Currie Bowl from near the top of Concussion Chute.

And finally TImber Bowl from base of the antenna above Big Bang.