Craig's Report - January 20, 2006

Just Like Old Times!

Damn! I can�t seem to stop writing these stupid reports! The intention is only to do these occasionally, but things just keep changing. Today was to be a day for my tendons and muscles to rest and take it easy. With a stunningly star filled sky last night, it seemed a good choice. By morning though it was snowing and there was maybe 5 cms of snow in the driveway. Not enough to disturb my rest. However by noon it was over hiking boot deep and nice and light and this simply forced me up the hill to check things out. It was simply wickedly good, with lots of knee deep first class powder and more was falling all the time. By the time I got home there was a foot of new snow and it was still falling incredibly hard, but it does seem to have quit now though.

About those openings I mentioned yesterday - guess what. The last I saw, Cedar Ridge and Anaconda were still open, but otherwise Cedar, Lizard and Currie were once again buttoned up.

Coming up on 17:00 it is -2 C at the house, the snow has now stopped and it appears to be clearing.

A snowy front yard - the camera stayed home today.

How much snow fell at the house today.