Bernie's Report - December 28, 2006

Postcard Perfect

Two days in a row I have waited in the chair line for the rope to drop� and wow, was it worth it. Another 15 cms of fluffy stuff descended on the hill overnight as temperatures cooled. It wasn�t Champagne powder, more like Baby Duck, but oh so delicious!

Just going up the lift was awe inspiring. At 9am, the bases of the chairs were still in the shade but the rising sun highlighted the ridge and the snow covered evergreens. The pictures tell the story and everyone I saw had a smile on their faces.

I skied for a couple of hours on the Old Side and managed fresh tracks for some part of every run. Upper Cedar Bowl was particularly nice today. It had been closed for the last few days due to avalanche concerns so runs in Cedar were knee deep to start and ankle deep from the Boom Chair cat track on down.

Much of the un-groomed terrain has started to bump up. This definitely adds to the challenge. As long as it stays cool the soft stuff should hang around. It is -10 C now at 6:30 pm.

Note: My wife has suggested that some people reading this report may not know of Baby Duck. Baby Duck is a cheap Canadian sparkling wine (Champagne wanna-be?). We used to drink in when we were younger and less sophisticated� Burp!

Heading up into the sunshine

Getting high in the sunshine

Somewhere on Cedar Ridge near King Fir

Looking up from the location of the preceding shot.

On the top of Sunnyside looking toward Fernie Ridge

Tell me again... why do I live here?