John's Report - December 27, 2005


My ski buddy Dan called it cream. That sounds right. It certainly wasn�t the froth of a true powder day. It had substance. Steep fresh turns were everywhere and, on the rare bottomings, there was a good corn base which took an edge.

We didn�t venture out of White Pass except for the last run of the day. Shakey�s Acres were fine but the trees were the place to be. Surprize was particularly good, with fresh boot deep cream and nary a track. I worried with every turn but nothing happened. Just one smooth turn after another.

Another good run was through Currie Glades, which I believe has been cleaned up. It offered nice tight turns through small trees, all set in the softest snow (and one split second when an edge shredded in audio �slo-mo� across a rock). Caution is still required. Trespass back to White Pass Chair was, as always, a chore. I was sorely tempted by, but passed on, both Bootleg Glades & Diamond Back & continued back to White Pass.

The run of day was Concussion; one clean powdery turn after another all the way down to Barracuda, when I made the mistake of drifting right on to the bottom of Gilmar. But there is no point in finding fault with a very good day.

The first of endless shots of Surprize

... and the second.

the third

the fourth; well, you get the idea.

And for variety, ants on Lower Heartland (actually the skiing was very good on the skier's right)

Somewhere around the top of White Pass Chair