John's Report - December 19, 2005

Hot & Cold

As a demonstration of Canadian manhood, I went skiing on Sunday. The morning began with my thermometer reading 25 below (-15F) but with the promise of -11C in the afternoon. It was a lie. The temperature didn�t get above -15C (5F). Very few people shared my need to prove their manhood (or womanhood) and the Hill was nearly empty. Not being a complete fool, I didn�t actually get on the Hill until 1 pm and could only take 2 hours before my feet began to freeze. Nevertheless those two hours were hot; the snow conditions just right for high speed cruising & fast sweeping turns on the groomers.

The snow base, at least on the �Old Side� is holding up very well given a huge Pacific high which has, for the past two or so weeks, blocked the typical Pacific storms that normally bring the big powder dumps of this time of year. No thought was given to the Timber/White Pass area as the lack of recent snow guarantees an abundance of rocks.

At the end of two hours I was very grateful to turn my attention to a beer report. Sunday I visited the fireplace of the Wood. They have about six drafts with a different special each day for $3.50 (including GST) - now that�s a really good deal. Although I didn�t actually eat, the lunch menu runs around $10.00 per item and features many exotic dishes not usually found on a pub menu.

Even better, the forecast is for significant warming on Tuesday and Wednesday with a prediction for 10 cm of snow - fingers crossed for a fluffy, soft holiday season.


Another fool finds all runs to be open

Empty Boom Chair @ 2 pm

Another Skier (perhaps the only one) on Boom Ridge

The Line Up at Bear Chair

Looking into Lizard Bowl

The exterior of the Wood - to be found at the base the of kiddie lift

The Fireplace at the Wood