John's Report - February 16, 2005

Another Wednesday Report

This afternoon was beautifully sunny. The temperature was a bit Crisp, around 8 below but the winds picked up in the last hour of the day and it felt colder. All the same it was a fine time to be on the slopes.

Conditions have deteriorated from the lovely powder dump of Sunday but they�re still good. Ice is fairly common, especially between moguls, but the mogul tops still remain relatively soft and there is good skiing to be had, especially on some of the less travelled runs such as in Easter Bowl and on Snake Ridge. The groomers are in very good shape so there is snow to suit all tastes.

Steep and Deep, on the north side of Cedar Bowl, was heavily chopped but the snow remained soft and easy to ski. The trees on either side of Blueberry offered good, although somewhat challenging, skiing.

Boom Bowl is still OK, if you don�t mind the occasional side slip on ice.

Concussion shoots are showing their wear, yet the snow, for the most part, is still pliable.

While the mountain could definitely benefit from another dump, there is no reason to stay a home. There are still good times to be had by all.

A couple corrections to my Sunday report: The picture labelled �Bottom of Black Diamond� should have referred to �Diamond Back� & the picture of the big tree in the middle of untracked powder was in Bootleg Glades, not Currie Creek.

I end with a further beer report. I last reported that the Griz Bar dropped its prices to $5.50 per pint, and $5.00 for their special (also there�s great live music on Sundays). Today I decided to check out Kelsey�s and was disappointed to find they still charge $6.20 a pint. Therefore it was off to the Wood from my apres ski $4.25 pint. There I met Farid from Montreal. After some chatting he learned I write occasional reports. He said that after reading the reports of the dump of a week and a half ago he and his three friends decided not to cancel their trip to Fernie, as they were intending to do. He was very grateful he hadn�t because they arrived on Saturday night and were rewarded by Sunday�s dump. Still, he didn�t buy me a beer. Nonetheless, it is nice to know that the reports made the world a better place for four skiing deprived Easterners.

Have fun.

Stag Leap, Sky Dive & Decline Seen from the Base

Cedar Bowl seen from Snake Ridge - I must have been following in Craig's tracks

Descent Down Steep & Deep

Sun Up has had Lots of Traffick but is Easily Carved

Under Boom Chair - There is Ice but its Not Bad

Concussion in the Late Afternoon

Dan on Concussion