John's Report - February 13, 2005

Sunday Bliss - A

I read Jay's report, which sums it up: "This is how it should be".

The snow was deep, soft & definitely A-OK!. There were fresh tracks to be had everywhere and once again the Hill was next to empty. The bottom was a bit heavy, but it was only skied to get back to the top. Ice has all but disappeared, except at the most heavily tracked routes. However there was no need to ski those routes since the mountain has finally opened up. There as still willows but their challenge diminishes.

Unlike the "Old Side", there were no closures on the "New".

Siberia bowl was heavily skied, meaning it had tracks in it. The 123's were just fine and Bootleg at 2 pm had hardly seen a soul, especially down the right. The north side of Currie was blizzard-like above and absolutely splendid through the trees. The Saddles and Corner Pocket were open, although strangely, all of Lizard was closed.

I did two runs down Currie Creek, which is just before the entrance to the big & steep three: Stag Leap, Ski Dive & Decline. Although I did not run the those three, Currie Creek as divine with powder chocking me all the way down.

The blizzard like conditions did not lend themselves to good photos (not that I have any skill at it even in the best of times). However, a I did snap a couple which do no justice to the conditions (and since I was ecstatic over the snow, I can't remember where any of them were taken). For good photos, see Jay's report.

Since my last report I've learned that the Griz Bar has reduced its prices to $5.50, with specials at $5.00. Nice to know that there is a limit to what people will pay. While the prices are not as good as the Wood, on Sunday's they have a live bands. This week it was the Villains, who played "old fashion' music such as Jimi Hendricks, Lou Reed & Cream tunes. I loved them and realized that am I old.

Don't wait, the snow is fine.!

Bottom of Black Diamond

I don't have a clue - but it might be Currie Creek

Siberia Bowl - I think

Currie Creek - 100% Sure on this One.