Jay's Report - February 13, 2005

This is How it Should Be

Powder is like a drug addition, the more you get, the more you need. Even though it was a terrific sun filled corduroy day on Saturday, it was relieving to wake up to about 10cm fresh on the deck on Sunday. That was just the beginning.

Throughout the day on Sunday it was pukin snow. You know the type - the big corn flake size flakes that you can catch in your mouth on the chair lift. I had to dust myself off at the top of each lift on the Boom Chair. The fresh, as always, was exhilarating. When it snows like that, nothing matters but the powder. You ski, you load and you ski again. In an attempt to stay at least partially hydrated during the day, I�ve started toting a small water bladder that fits in my pocket. It broke, streaming water down my leg and partially filling my ski boot. I didn�t care; it didn�t matter. You might say the conditions were so good I wet my pants.

The hill is coming to life. The snow is filling the steep runs in nicely. I stayed on the Boom side of the mountain. I didn�t have to look for powder, it was right there, in your face, all day. Runs like Linda�s Run, Boomerang and King Fir were outstanding. The hill started to close up by the end of the day on account of the obvious avalanche hazard. You could here people talk about what excuses they were going to make to take tomorrow off and ski. This is how it should be.

At 5pm, it�s 3 below at the house and snowing. I�m still wet.

Chris on King Fir

Jeff and Calgary Dave on Linda's Run

Kim on Boomerang

Jocelyn on King Fir

Kim on Boomerang (again) Boomerang was good.

Ben with star entry to Cardboard Derby on Saturday