Jay's Report - February 06, 2005

The Perfect Storm

Like a lot of the locals, I gazed at the lighting storm on Friday night getting grouchier (with a capital �B�) by the second. There was also concern that after the pineapple express ran it�s course, we would need a certain type of storm; otherwise, the avalanche hazard would be too extreme for there to be a proper reopening of runs. Then it came. The Perfect Storm.

It started out wet and soggy and transformed into powder. That�s exactly what was required for the snow to be able to bond properly. The result was a manageable avalanche hazard and (with the hard work of the ski patrol) an open ski hill. But for a malfunctioning avalanche gun, the entire hill would have been open.

There was lots of it too. The hill reported that The Perfect Storm dumped 34cm but I had 40cm of it in the driveway. White gold. BC tea.

It was deep - over the head on Currie, Cedar Bowl, Saddles and Corner Pocket. It was all good. The pictures don�t tell the whole story. We were going way too hard quenching our powder addiction to stop for pictures.

The other thing is, it�s better when you don�t expect it. It was apparent no one else expected it either. There were no line ups; like, none. It was just the crazed Fernie powder addicts that were awarded with their loyalty. For those that didn't make it out - bad call.

Thanks to all for your spiritual rituals in coaxing the Griz back to life. Some burned skis, some didn�t step on cracks, some did a little prayer, some shaved their head, some even got married (congratulations Megan).

I once read of a guy in Steamboat Springs who, as a supersticous ritual for encouraging the skies to be generous, use to stand on his head, naked, with an apple in his mouth. I�ve never done that. But I was thinking of it on Friday.

P.S. The annual Fernie Alpine Ski Team (FAST) fund raiser was Saturday night and was a huge success. Good thing they waited until Saturday. Everyone was in a good and giving mood!

Powder was the Griz's wedding gift for Megan (left) We all apprecitate Megan getting married on Saturday. Why didn't you get married two weeks ago??

Mark on Arrow

Deb on Mitchy Chutes

Mike on Sky Dive. The "Big Three" haven't been that good this year. Even with the deep powder, there is still the odd knarly here and there. But we weren't complaining. See Jennifer?

Lizard Bowl looked great but was closed Sunday due to a malfunctioning avalanche gun. There was lots of powd eleswhere anyway. Leave some for later.

Ron on Boomerange Ridge. If Boomerange Ridge has ever been finer, then I don't remember it.

Deb on Concussion. I missed the opening of Currie on Sunday, but the girls got it. I shall now hear about it for a long time.

Hollywood Drop. Under the Timber Chair at the top.