Dave's Report - August 27, 2005

The Silk Trail

If you need to get out of the house to do something but not exhaust yourself,"The Silk Trail" at the base of the Ski Hill is a good option.You can walk it or as we did bike it . It is also marked as a snow shoe Trail in Winter but because a great deal of it is in the forest and very shaded could be a little cool unless you picked the right day.(Not 20 below).

Starting at the machinery shed to the left of Timber Chair you have two options.You can ride up the gravel road or just below it a dirt road which leads onto some single track which is pretty easy if you are a bit older.The second option however is a lot steeper to get started.

Either choice though will lead to The Silk Trail which is a clearly marked and pleasantly undulating dirt road through fairly dense forest.Unfortunately this time we did not see any wild life. At the far southern boundary of the Ski Hill is another small trail which eventually leads to Private Property about 15 mins in. From beginning to end to do the "loop"( as it ends up back where you started) it only takes about an hour and a half.

Our group was John ,Julia, Anita and Dave

At the start just to the left of Timber Chair

The Girls having encountered the steep bit I mentioned

Typical of the type of terrain

This seemed like a good place to turn back

the far southern boundary of F.A.R.

Two Older participants

Beautiful views to the south