Craig's Report - November 29, 2005

Lies, Damned Lies, and Weather Reports

I have been putting this report off for several days as first one and then another weather report has promised a 30+ cm offering from the Griz. I was hoping to be the bearer of glad tidings, but alas my poor bored snow blower still sits playing solitaire in the breezeway, although it has been snowing very lightly all day and if it keeps up, perhaps I will be able to justify taking the poor boy for a little exercise tomorrow.

While I have little doubt that they should be able to open as scheduled on Dec 10, at least barring some truly terrible weather, it is starting to look like it might not be the real whooping great opening we had hoped for in early November. The little over 80 cm base up top is well short of enough to cover all the various debris. mainly vegetation. sticking up on many runs. It is also hard to imagine that the lower runs that don�t have snowmaking will stand up to lift serviced traffic for long. On the other hand, it would only take a couple of good Fernie storms to make things wonderful.

Even without major snow falls or significant increases in the snow pack numbers, things have been steadily improving and it even proved enough to motivate me to lug my alpine skis up the hill for the third time this season; something of a personal pre-season record. The result was a scoot down Cedar bowl in the trees beside Cruiser, which proved to be just delightful. While the powder wasn�t terribly deep, there was enough to provide lots of soft smooth turns in divine solitude. Cruiser itself had some twigs sticking up, but was quite navigable. On the other hand, Cedar Main looked bushy enough to be challenging. Overall it was an excellent run with much better coverage than suggested by the snow pack depth numbers.

At 16:20 it is -7 C on the porch and it is snowing almost invisibly lightly.

Yes Virginia, there really is a Griz. Enjoying his handiwork in the trees beside Cruiser.

Attack of the snow guns. They have gotten serious about making snow on the Lizard run.

Lizard Bowl from the flats above China Wall, with Dancer on the left. It is skiable, but still pretty weedy.

Looking across Bear towards Bear Ridge, during a gasp stop on the way up.

The view down from the cat track that goes to Cruiser from the top of the Boom chair.

Looking up Cruiser from about where it meets Cedar Main.

Cedar Ridge actually looked quite skiable for the twig tolerant.

A hazy view of Snake Ridge.

A this stage Kangaroo would appear to be named for the hopping that would be required.

Boom Ridge from Cedar Trail.