Craig's Report - November 04, 2005

Looking Good!

It has been a long time since I can recall such a promising start to the snow season. Granted it has also been a long time since I could recall anything else either, but with over a month until opening day, it is pretty sweet looking up there. Down at the base we have been having a mix of snow and rain and while it is still white, there isn�t much real accumulation. However once you head up the hill things change quickly and yesterday�s tracks on Bear were once again history today. There appears to be about 70 centimeters or so up by the Tower Six snow plot and there are many tempting looking lines already.

The cool map that comprises the first picture in this report was a gift from one of the ski hill managers and it shows the summer brush cutting activity (in blue) as well as the places massaged by the D9 cat (yellow). While I have been nattering about many of these areas in recent reports, the map shows the overall scale of the job as well as all the areas I have missed. With the new snow, the effect of the alder cutting is becoming more obvious and lots of places are going to seem like March in December. Of course being the never satisfied type, I can also see lots of potential for getting the crew back next summer to tackle such trouble spots as the KC chutes and the much beloved Steep and Deep, to name just a couple.

At 17:45 it is 1 C at the house and overcast.

Brush cutting (blue) and landscraping (yellow) operations this summer at FAR (courtesy of the ski hill).

Fresh snow lets you clearly see recent animal activity, but when the bear tracks start getting as big as your own not inconsiderable clod hoppers, ignorance starts having an appeal.

Bear (the run) is starting to look pretty good already.

A lone skier waits while her boarder companions reattach themselves after disboarding to cross the flats in front of the Bear�s Den.

Easter Bowl already looks promising.

A free heeler working Bear.

Peeking into Cedar Bowl from the top of Bear. Folks familiar with the hill should check out how Snake Main (far right) looks like it might already be skiable and how obvious the alder whacking is.

Upper Lizard from the top of Bear with the bottom of the Face Lift at the right.

Lizard Bowl from Tower Six road, just below the snow plot. Looks tasty, doesn�t it?

The view down Bow from the Tower Six road.