Craig's Report - November 01, 2005

And Then It Was White!

I didn�t intend to do a report today and so didn�t take the camera with me, but the return of white to the base area and significant snow farther up seemed to justify a short note. It has been getting a bit whiter up top for the last few days and by yesterday it was perhaps ankle deep at the top of Bear, although still just damp down at the base. Around noon today giant flakes started falling at the house and accumulating. So far there are just a couple of centimeters or so and who knows if it will stay, but when I slogged up to the Trespass Trail level of Currie, I found dense snow up to my knees with more falling every moment. It is hardly a guarantee of good things to come, but one can�t help taking it as something of an omen.

At 16:30 it is -1 C at the house and still snowing.

A solitary shot from my front porch is all there is for pictures today. That Windstar in my neighbor�s yard is for sale by the way.