Craig's Report - October 27, 2005

Mainly Miserable

It was another wet and dreary day in what has been a rather damp fall. True we did have three nice sunny days earlier in the week, but for two of those I headed down to the always warmer and sunnier South Country for some late season puttering on my motorcycle, only to find the whole valley locked in a cold damp mist. On the plus side, if you could avoid the mud, the sand roads were nicely congealed.

Back on the hill, there still seems to be lots of pre-season activity. That mystery post I mentioned in my last report acquired a companion down at the bottom of Meadow and both have sprouted raised snow making turrets which make them look vaguely like mutant air raid sirens. There is also a steel pipe emerging from down by the maintenance buildings and worming its up Meadow. Presumably this is for more snow making, but it isn�t clear yet just what areas it might serve.

The alder slayers continue their work and today were busy around the gullies in lower Lizard. I was hoping they might get to these, for when there has been sufficient snow, I have always found ripping through these things great fun. In recent years though, it has taken a lot of the white stuff to make them navigable.

Folks with property in the village might be pleased to hear that they seem to be pushing the back of the garbage bin enclosure at the entrance to Highline farther back into the woods. I imagine this is an effort to improve its appearance, especially as seen from the road out of Highline.

As to snow, well there is none yet to speak of. A dusting of white did appear up on the cliffs today and it was snowing, although not staying, when I was up in Lizard. For the most part though, our precipitation has remained liquid and in truth it would be rare for there to be snow down at the base that stayed for the season just yet. However farther up it is about time for snow to appear and establish that winter feeling, not to mention it is fun to go up and play in.

At 17:00 it is 5 C at the house and overcast.

My heros! Alder Slayers wielding whirling oiled steel against yet more enemy in Lizard Bowl.

Lower Lizard with Freeway and the gullies getting fresh trims.

More alder whacking in the gully on Freeway

Looking down a misty Lizard Bowl. Although not apparent in this picture, it was actually snowing fairly hard at this point, but not staying on the ground.

There was a bit of snow on the rocks below the Saddles

A much more wide open looking Sunnyside.

The new elevated snow gun at the junction of Lizard Trail and Incline.

And another at the bottom of Meadow (that is the Timber Chair on the left).