Craig's Report - September 11, 2005

What the (add epithet of choice)!!!

Wow! It is still officially summer and barely three months since our last dump of tree snapping, power robbing wet snow, but once again it was ankle deep in our yard causing the poplars to bow and break in submission. Such leafy critters are ill prepared to deal with snow while still wearing their summer garb and this causes havoc with power lines. We had intermittent outages all last evening and most of today, with an eight hour period with no power at all. Our cable internet and television is missing in action with no idea when it will return, although if you are reading this, it obviously made it back. We have heard that across the river in Cokato, the power might be out for 24 hours or more.

Up on the mountain some folks have even made some turns, although only by clearly crossing all bounds for the ethical treatment of rock skis. It didn�t seem like a lot more snow fell up in Lizard than down here, but it wasn�t melting as fast and indeed with the blustery wind it seemed very winter like. Still I imagine this will all quickly melt and thus have been just a nice tease to get the juices flowing, rather than any kind of early start to the season. While we can appreciate the Griz�s efforts, the old boy is clearly having a little trouble keeping his dates straight these days.

Work has been continuing in reshaping lower Currie bowl as well as ongoing alder whacking, but I will leave that for another day and just leave you with some �summer� pictures.

At 16:30 it is overcast, 4 C and still surprisingly white here at the house.

Our front yard this morning. Repeated beatings of our just harvested crab apple tree seem to have shaken enough snow off of it to allow it to survive the night.

The view down the power line beside our house. The actual power lines are clear here, but the problem is evident.

Obligatory flower in snow shot.

Looking up Lizard Bowl from the vicinity of the bottom of the Bear Express.

Even a little bit of snow reveals the benefits of the clearing that was done on Sunnyside.

Looking back down towards the Bear�s Den from up in Lizard Bowl.

Things were pretty foggy above this point. Looking towards the top of Bear from the junction of Tower Six Road and Dancer.

Things were pretty foggy above this point. Following these tracks down, it was amusing to note the shavings of P-Tex on the multitude of rocks.

Red berries, white snow. Looking up Arrow.

A tree lies across the power line on Power Trip, just below Cedar Trail. The tree was burnt and probably represents one of our outages, but fortunately this section can obviously be isolated from the village since we had power at this point.