Craig's Report - April 12, 2005

Last Run

The season from hell is at last over and on closing day the conditions finally seemed almost appropriate. Skiing on the upper mountain was quite good where groomed and passable, if rather rough, off trail. The lower part was, well a route to the bottom if you weren't too picky. As a final gesture of contempt in this season of his discontent, the Griz even laid on some snow, sometimes heavy, in the last few hours the hill was open. That is just plain rude! However it is probably better received by those who get to go to staff day tomorrow.

While not much good can be said about this season, at least it may have taught us to better appreciate those glorious powder days when they hopefully return next season. I have heard rumours of a serious war on alders to be undertaken this summer and that should also help reacquaint us with those carefree floating turns we crave. But for now my mountain bike is eager, the motorcycle is licensed and my hikers are, well old and tired like the feet that go in them, but still sort of serviceable.

Have a great summer!

At 16:00 it is SPRING TIME at the house!

A mud and grass curtain is once again drawn across this sad season, but this time it really is the end.

A while back few would have thought Bear would end the season mostly white.

A couple of centimeters of heavy snow on the upper mountain made the off trail stuff skiable, but still rough and tricky.