Craig's Report - April 02, 2005

Spring Resurrection

The 115 cm of new snow that have fallen up top over the last week have effected a major transformation on the mountain. Alder and punji invested slopes have been morphed into luscious carpets, while nearly bare and even totally bare lower slopes have become at least passable. Now you might think I might be miffed and sulky because these blessings came on the few days all winter that I was out of town, but while that would show that your excellent judgement of bad character, even I am having a hard time keeping a good whine going when the skiing continues to be so good.

By today at least, we weren't talking waist deep fluff or anything and the lower runs were still thin and sketchy, but there seemed to be an unlimited supply of soft delightful turns on the upper mountain. While these sometimes gave way to a somewhat tricky crust at lower elevations, at least one could generally choose runs without worrying if there would be an acceptable exit. Even the notorious 'Middle' North Ridge was not only passable, but even rather pleasant. Runs like Sunnyside and upper Morning Glory, which had become rather treacherous due to assorted woody land mines, have a drastically new character. The heavy alder zones like KC Chutes are still rather uninviting however, although perhaps no longer suicidal.

Everything appeared to be open except for Cedar above the gun tower traverse and part of the slope below Hell's gate, but there was lots of evidence of past slides. I can strongly advise that you avoid skiing in the avalanche debris (don't ask!).

At 17:45 it is 4 C at the house and mainly cloudy.

It is still winter up in Lizard Bowl!

Snake Main was nice, but a bit crusty. Generally the North facing slopes were somewhat friendlier.

The steeper lower section of Cedar Main has been a problem area in this troubled year, but it was in fine shape today, at least as long as you either stayed on the groomed part or had an appetite for crust.

Young and aggressive on Boomerang.

Upper Cedar Ridge had lovely soft and little trafficked areas even into the afternoon.

The top of Sunnyside was finally and blissfully weed free.

Timber Bowl from the top of Milky Way.

Easter Bowl from the top did not disappoint!

This shot of Meadow from the Timber chair has been the location of a couple of infamous 'bare' slope pictures this winter. The snow is still thin, but at least lacks fiber.

On a late afternoon run down Morning Glory, I was still able to find an almost untracked slope of agreeable soft wind pack.