Craig's Report - January 09, 2005

Lies, Damn Lies and Weather Forecasts

While the TV news droned on about wintery blasts seemingly everywhere, the forecast weekend dump for Fernie just didn't materialise. It was cold and wintery alright and it even snowed, but just in little one or two centimetre teases. Not even enough to lure any snow ploughs to our street or justify rousing my snow blower from its slumber. Nonetheless the skiing continues to improve, helped along by even those disappointing taunts along with some wind deposits. The basic mix is still powder and ice, but with more powder and less ice every day.

There are some very fine turns available out there, but rare is the place where a hard one might not follow and I find this keeps me tensely on my edges rather than mellowing in the silk. Still pretty good skiing by any but the pickiest of definitions. Even the lower runs I saw were quite good and while certainly not pristine, what blemishes there were, seemed easy to avoid and pretty inconsequential.

It has been chilly and yesterday's -40 C wind chill up top was enough to keep me enjoying the great indoors. Minus teens with no wind today was undoubtedly toasty in comparison, but my toes seem to have developed a permanent allergy to cold weather.

At 16:45 it is -13 C and snowing very lightly at the house.

Upper Cedar Bowl with the top of Timber Express at the upper left.

The top of what I call the proper part of Steep and Deep is still pretty weedy. That is Cedar Ridge in the background.

Upper Currie and the top of the White Pass lift.

Polar Peak.

Currie Bowl from the bottom. Glimar's trail is on the left.