Craig's Report - January 07, 2005

Terrain Park

This isn't a report, but rather a sort of reply to a message I got asking about the terrain park. I realized I hadn't even seen it yet this year, so I took a cruise by with the camera and thought I might as well post the pictures as a report in case anyone else was interested.

The terrain park is located on the upper part of Falling Star and this year it starts just beyond the cut off to Milky Way. It is fairly long, but I am no judge of its quality. The flat top jumps down on Deer disappeared last year and the half pipe on Incline is gone this year, so as far as I know, all 'park' features are now concentrated here.

A quick note on conditions would be that they are much like they have been despite a reported 5 cm overnight at the top and about a centimetre in my driveway. A bit nicer and a bit colder, but basically still a mix of powder and ice with the odd dash of dirt near the bottom. That may not sound all that good, but it actually is quite nice. The forecast is still calling for good things for tomorrow.

At 18:30 it is -13 C and overcast, but not yet snowing at the house.

Looking down the top part of the terrain park.

Farther down, looking back up.

One of the jumps.

The jump in the previous picture is near the top of this one. That is a semi-circular rail in the foreground.

Another of the many rail features

Another jump, with needles spread presumably to improve sighting the landing area.