Craig's Report - January 06, 2005

The Start of Something Good?

It started snowing this morning and while the accumulations so far are rather modest, the weather trolls are predicting a lot more in the coming days, albeit maybe with lower temperatures as well. Even the little that has so far fallen seems to have further improved things. While the scrape of skis and boards can still be heard and unsightly dirty bits can still be found on lower runs, most turns proved to be quite good and some were very fine indeed. All the runs I was on could be skied without too much drama, although off piste one did have to be prepared for some significant turn to turn variability.

Usually the variability was limited to whether the turn would be soft or hard or somewhere in between, but on a run in some favoured trees in the Currie Chutes, there was a stimulating mixture of sweet, lumpy and crunchy. A sort of a frozen confection which wasn't all that bad, but definitely interesting.

As is normal on weekdays at this time of year, line ups were all but nonexistent and the one short one I did encounter at the Haul Back was undoubtedly as result of a pet peeve of mine, namely snow boarders who refuse to double up. I think the lifties should refuse to give these folks the bar if a partner is available i.e. the one who was double with them right up until the front. Grrrr.

Since it is probably obvious, as Jon Stewart of the Daily Show is fond of saying, that "I have nothing", perhaps a couple of other observations (not peeves, just observations) could serve as filler.

I am always surprised that most folks walking down the ski hill road do so on the right hand side, with their backs to the traffic. They exhibit far more faith in the tired, perhaps well lubricated folks guiding their frosty vehicles around them than I ever could. I like to at least kid myself that I might be able to get out of the way if I can see trouble coming.

I also find it strange that many visitors I walk past will go to great lengths to avoiding looking at me. Okay, maybe not so strange, but I will pretend it is not just me. I probably do the same when I am in the city, possibly in an attempt at some privacy. However one of the joys of a small town is that it is permissible to look folks directly in the eye and smile a greeting or even say hi. Try it. You will enjoy it!

Okay now I really have nothing.

At 16:50 it is -9 C at the house and the snow seems to have tapered off, hopefully just temporarily.

In the trees between Puff and Lift Line.

The upper portion of this part of Snake Ridge is alder infested, but passable. Having a plan of escape before getting too low might be wise though.

Looking up part of Red Tree. Like much else it was a mix of soft and hard.

Even Cedar Ridge right below the top of the Boom chair had some surprisingly soft turns.

Around the top of Tom's run in Currie Bowl.

A run in the vicinity of Cornice Chute led to an alder rich exit. It was actually much easier to navigate than it appeared from here.

The gully beside Gilmar's trail is still rather too twiggy for rational travel.