Bernie's Report - January 25, 2005

Beats working ...

Having started a major renovation on an old house in Fernie, I convinced myself that this season I would satisfy my skiing cravings with �quality� not �quantity�. So far, the plan is not working! I had heard all sorts of horror stories about the ski conditions, so today I decided to see for myself. Most of the stories I had heard were true. Ski conditions are terrible, by anybody�s standard.

Albeit some runs in the Timber Bowl and Upper Currie are at least snow covered. Where the runs have been groomed there are some enjoyable portions however if one inadvertently ventures from the groomed track, the conditions are hard and icy. The ski company is not recommending that one skis off-piste, and I followed their recommendation.

Obviously the lower mountain is in much worse shape than high in Timber Bowl. There is only one track to the base area from the �Old Side�. It literally is a track the width of a road that has been constructed by the snow cats on lower Lizard run. From Timber bowl the only way down (without a hike near the bottom) is to ride the Timber Express back to the village area. The pictures tell the story.

On the bright side� it was a glorious day to be out sight seeing. Sunny and +10C. I skied with a couple of gals from Manitoba and Ontario. We had a great time touring around the hill and a fabulous lunch at the Wood Restaurant capped off a relaxing morning. Beats working!

Looking up Lizard Bowl. China Wall on the right.

In Timber Bowl. Looking down lower Highline

Looking down Heartland to the base of the White Pass chair.

Here it is in RCR's words.

It is much scarier riding the chair down

The only ski run to the base area

Please Griz please!... we need your help.