John's Report - March 17, 2004

Just Spring Skiing

The afternoon was neither good nor bad. Mid-mountain temperature was around 10 degrees. Snow coverage remains good. The ridge snows continued to slide into the higher runs leaving near impassable debris fields.

The tops of Timber & White Pass lifts were treacherous. Bending low and careful scanning for patches of dirty grainy snow were the tricks to getting down. The sign says it all.

A third of down from the top of White Pass, whether into Curry or Timber bowls, lead to snow supporting quick firm turns and confident speed; a relief from that above.

Cedar was much the same.

Boom Ridge and Bowl offered very good skiing, on the southerly slopes. Both seemed to have low traffic. The ice rink of North Ridge perhaps deterred all but the most foolish.

Pray for snow.

White Pass looking into Curry: The sign says it all.

Cedar avalanche debris waiting for tonight's freeze (or snow)