Jay's Report - March 21, 2004

Dust on Crust, Chicken Heads and Death Cookies, But Great on Sun Baked Sides

The sun was out on the weekend. We skied hard on hard pack Saturday morning. Upper Face opened and looked sufficiently worthy of a book pack up. We were warned by Ski Patrol that it ain�t pretty, it just looks that way. Dust on crust, chicken heads and death cookies is what we were told we could expect and that�s what we got. Chicken heads are little towers of snow resembling the shape of chicken heads protruding up from the snow. They are usually remnants of avalanches, warm weather and rain. You try to miss them but if you hit them they aren�t necessarily fatal to your balance. We all know what death cookies are and Upper Face was littered with them. Feeling modestly exercised from the boot pack, we retreated to the deck of the Wood for the balance of the afternoon. As the afternoon progressed we speculated that the sun exposed runs like Concussion might be wonderful, but not wonderful enough to entice us to leave our sun soaked and well serviced position on the Wood�s deck. Late in the afternoon skiers started to file off the hill with smiles of contentment and descriptions of Concussion that left me feeling an irritable amount of skier�s remorse.

Sunday was the same sunny weather as Saturday. We were able to make our way over to Concussion a few times in the afternoon to see what all the fuss was about. It truly was wonderful spring skiing. It was a supreme spring ski day with warm temperatures, sunny skies and soft but not sticky snow. Perfect for this time of year many would say.

We continue to patiently wait for new snow. I�m beginning to think about sacrificing a couple pair of my garage skis to the fire pit in hope of encouraging better treatment from the Griz. But even with the odd bare patch, the base is still good and the skiing is still good - excellent in places. We�ve had a great year of powder ski days but there�s always room for more. Two years ago, we had a huge April. I�m not dusting off the mountain bike yet.

It Ain't Pretty It Just Looks that Way. Don on Upper Face

Deb on Upper Cedar Main. Death Cookies Abound

Bill on Knots Chutes.