Heinz's Report - March 30, 2004

Spring is Sprung and the Bird is on the Wing

I saw a robin in our back yard this morning and realized, begrudgingly, that spring has really arrived. The skiing is definitely spring-like with heavy, soupy conditions even up to the top of the mountain by mid-day. We managed to get a few powder turns on Sunday on the north-facing slopes like 1-2-3 and Easter, but for the main part its heavy spring snow.

I heard from someone the other day that the last snow of the season is called �onion snow�. Does anybody out there know the derivation of this term?

The weather has been fantastic the past few days with lots of sunshine, warm (plus 10-15 Celsius) and light winds. This kind of weather tends to mellow you out � lots of deck skiing (see Bernie�s report of March 28) and relaxing with friends. Today was no exception.

A bunch of us headed out to one of our favourite spots � Lost Boy�s Pass off Falling Star � for a leisurely afternoon picnic with all the trappings: wine, cheese, baguette, grapes and sausages. It�s a very picturesque spot with a gorgeous view to the west and the Koocanusa Lake and Columbia valley. What a wonderful way to spend a weekday thinking about all of the poor sods having to make a living today!

We reminisced about the ski season that was: A great start, but petered out after January. A number of good powder days, but not of the legendary Fernie style with way too many dry stretches. I agree with Craig�s assessment - a 5 out of out 10. But, next year will be better, no doubt! Then the talk turned to the summer ahead, about getting the mountain bikes out, kayaking, camping and hiking, and what new adventures we could look forward to.

The day ended way too soon and we had to run to make the last chair out to the top of White Pass. But we still had time to for some last minute precious, special shots � certain people will know what I�m talking about ;-) A final bushwhack back through the trees on left side of Currie Bowl to get home as the lift had closed and then a soak in the hot tub closed off this perfect day.

The view to the west and the Sand Creek drainage. Superb back country skiing.

The hike out to Lost Boy's Pass off Falling Star. A short 10 to 15 minute walk.

Meatloaf (with his concubines)praying to the sun gods.

The Lost Boys.......

Who is that masked man?

The gang for today enjoying the spring sunshine.