Craig's Report - December 06, 2004

Weekend Whitening

The Griz finally got to work on the lower slopes with the promised snow arriving this weekend. Will this be enough to ensure opening this Friday? I suspect so, for even without the new snow, there were rumours that they would open White Pass use downloading on the Timber Chair to get folks off of the mountain. The fact that many of the runs in Timber Bowl were groomed last week, while there is still almost no evidence of grooming on the old side would seem to support this, but as of this afternoon, guest services would not confirm this or even if they would definitely open.

I think the real question though is whether there will be enough snow to open the old side as well. It continues to snow and up on Bear there is now some fairly deep powder over nice firm crust and I imagine the skiing would be pretty sweet for at least the first few folks. At this point there are still lots of unsightly alders poking through, but they are wimpy and would just add some nice texture to a run. Still it is hard to know how well the slopes would stand up to traffic and near the bottom of the hill, it is still very sketchy.

Even though I suspect I could find a path to avoid the download scenario, the White Pass only option doesn't really stir me, so I am pulling for the continuing snow to either make that plan unnecessary or at least of very limited duration. Go Griz go!

At 18:15 it is -3 C at the house and snowing lightly.

Pretty much the same picture of the Lizard/Incline intersection as in the last report, only this time somewhat whitened.

Looking down Lizard Trail towards the bottom of the Bear chair.

Lizard Bowl from lower Sun Up. Nice snow, but still lots of alders hanging around.

Looking up Bear towards Bear Ridge and the top of the Boom Chair from the hair pin on Sun Up.

The view down Bear from the same spot.

This is taken from the top of the Elk Chair and is looking across the Elk run towards the top of Lower Bear. Notice the nice deep tracks.

The Elk from just below the Bear's Den.

Holo Hike looks pretty fuzzy, but these little twigs are little more than grass on steroids. I think the skiing would have been pretty good right down to Cedar Trail (again for the first few folks at least).

The Mighty Moose beginner area could use a little more attention from the snow gun gang, but they are all busy on the Dipsy/Lizard route. The mountain bike jumps from the summer are still here and are now attracting boarders.

It appears the new deck at the Griz Bar is growing a set of outside stairs.