Craig's Report - November 17, 2004

Semi Patiently Waiting for Snow

The wait for snow on the lower slopes continues, but alas the serving this week was more rain. That is pretty common in November, but that doesn't prevent me from moaning about how different it could have been if only it were a few degrees cooler. Despite the decidedly unsnowy scene outside the window, it isn't yet time to get depressed, especially given the decent base up top. A couple of good storms might be all that is needed and with over three weeks until opening day, the odds of that happening here are pretty good. Still the ski hill's decision to set the opening date a little later this year, is starting to look wise.

The rain yesterday left the trees unpromisingly dark up to about the top of Bear, but a brief reconnoitre into Lizard this afternoon revealed that the upper mountain had in fact probably received another thin layer of Sierra cement on top of the already solid base. The actual snow line had not changed much and since there was little snow below the Bear's Den anyway, little harm was done.

To my surprise I discovered that the half pipe on Incline is being filled in and apparently there won't be any half pipe here this year. While this may annoy some folks, it certainly will clean up the traffic flow as having it empty into one of the busiest cross over areas on the mountain was less than ideal.

At 17:20 it is +3 C (boo, hiss) degrees on the porch and the sky is partially cloudy.

The hopefully very temporary retreat of the ice on the pond in the village.

A sneak peak at the day lodge bar's new deck.

The view from the new deck, which combined with the afternoon sun should be sufficient to make my liver cringe.

The old half pipe ain't what she used to be.

Maybe I have mentioned this before, but they put a new bridge in on Deer Trail where it crosses the creek between China Wall and Freeway. This should make for a bit gentler turn on those high speed traverses as well as giving the folks careening out of control down the gully a little extra space to avoid those traversees. I refuse to discus how I know about folks careening down that gully.

Another shot of the bridge from the uphill side.

Looking down Dancer from the Tower Six road hair pin. With something soft over top that crust, some turns would be pretty appealing.

Upper Lizard is still a bit furry in places, but most of it would yield to a some aggression.

The rock bands loom above upper Lizard Bowl.

Power trip doesn't get many off season shots, so here it is without snow, or at least without significant snow.