Craig's Report - November 12, 2004

White Pass by Proxy

A friend, who shall remain Doug, took a hike up to the top of White Pass yesterday and he is allowing me to share some of the pictures he took along the way. It looks down right lovely up there, although he assured me his ski down Currie Powder was a little less than wonderful.

Lacking captions for the photos, I have just made some up and may even have some of the locations correct. :-)

At 20:30 it is -6 C at the house and the lack of stars suggests clouds.

Timber Bowl from the top of Timber Chair. The top of White Pass is in the center.

I am guessing this is at the Heartland snow plot in the middle of Timber Bowl

At the top of Timber Chair

Heading up to White Pass near Lost Boy's pass.

The cliff band above Timber Bowl.

The dog seems to like the snow. Somewhere around the top of Heartland or Highline.

The patrol hut at the top of White Pass.

Polar Peak

Polar Peak Chutes in Currie Bowl, complete with tracks

I think this is Diamond Back from Trespass Trail