Craig's Report - October 01, 2004

South Side Stroll

It was such a beautiful day today that my standard exercise trudge up the mountain ended up extending to a walk up over White Pass and back down Currie. I had a new tiny camera with me and of course filled it with pictures that seemed to justify inflicting another report on all of you. Just be glad I don't yet have my monster memory card for it and was thus limited to a few snaps.

I am not a fan of hot weather and so just love these cool, quiet, fall days, with their gorgeous, in an everything dying kind of way, colours and the promise that we will soon be sliding around on slippery sticks. Only two months remain until the start of the ski season. :-)

In the picture descriptions I have noted some of the minor trail modifications that have appeared over the summer, but the camera was full by the time I got to the bottom and noticed that the clump of trees bordering the creek beside the Tamarack has disappeared. This makes the base area seem much more open, but the hole that is the creek is still there. I am wondering if maybe they plan to connect the uphill and downhill culverts and fill this in, which might make getting to the Timber Chair on skis a lot easier. In any event, I'm sure there must have been a reason for clearing this out and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

There apparently are a number of bears hanging out in town and a small black has been an almost daily visitor to our yard. We try to be very careful about keeping our garbage and other food stuffs out of reach, although this little guy seems to have a taste for unlikely things like roses. The problem is that even if the bear is not posing a threat, if someone freaks and call the conservation officer, it is almost certain he will have to destroy the bear. Bears can of course be dangerous and need to be treated with respect, but in my experience they are quite intelligent creatures that are almost always happy to go about their business of finding food and leave you alone.

Surprisingly I don't think I have seen a bear up on the hill since early summer, although I have seen some old scat. There have been stories of a huge grizzly camped out in Fish Bowl though.

My apologies to those folks who posted listings recently and then did not see them actually appear. A software update somewhere along the line disabled the email notices I get of new listings and it wasn't until one of them expired I realized there was a big queue of them not approved. You guys are obviously a patient lot since nobody even complained. All except the expired one should now be visible.

Polar Peak and Currie Bowl from the top of White Pass

Last year the trees between Deep Sea and the cat track heading to lower Siberia Ridge got a thinning. This year it is the full marine buzz cut treatment, leaving an open bowl.

Heartland from the bottom of White Pass Chair.

Looking towards the Knot Chutes from the top of Heartland.

Looking down from Falling Star towards where Highline and Quite Right split. Some tree slaying has gone on here too, but I am not sure to what purpose, although it will probably be a lot clearer when sliding by on snow.

I find the way this tower just below the top of White Pass sprouts out of the rocks intriguing for some reason.

Timber Bowl from the patrol hut at the top of White Pass.

The narrow spot at the top of Currie Powder has been remodelled. The clump of trees in the center is now gone and the run has been widened, which should make things more intermediate friendly on this easiest escape from Currie.

Okay, I couldn't resist one more picture of Polar.

I think some tidying up has happened on the skier's right of lower Concussion Chute.