Craig's Report - September 24, 2004

Fernie Fall - Fungus Now Forgotten?

In complete contrast to last summer, the end of this one was a pretty soggy affair. Starting in the middle of August it started raining and kept it up for over a month. From sources at least as reliable as US military intelligence, I heard a random rumour that someone had recorded 35 straight days of rain; just a little shy of the magic Noah Number. On the bright side there was no fear of forest fires this year, but there was some concern that the local forestry folks might have to learn how to log mushrooms. Before anyone asks, I am not a mushroom connoisseur, in any sense, and cannot comment on any crop harvesting potential. In any event, the sun has finally come out, bringing beautiful Indian summer days and putting the fungus in retreat.

Despite the wet ending, this seemed like a pretty successful summer on the hill. For the first time it had the resort feel and bustle throughout July and August and it appeared there were far more mountain bikers making use of the lifts. Some new bike runs with more of an emphasis on speed and jumps were added and they seemed pretty popular with the armoured brigade.

While I don't think there will be any major changes in facilities or runs this year, the hill has been doing some minor modifications, particularly in clearing or thinning trees in more congested areas. Deep Sea, some stuff in Currie and the bottom of Bear all saw this treatment.

There is also some work going on with the Day Lodge, but I haven't talked to anyone yet to figure out just what it will be.

The hill from the ski hill road. Note the new and much needed no parking signs!

They are adding something to the back of the day lodge, but I don't know yet if it will be enclosed or open.

Gorbi Bowl in fall colours. I have been watching rather wistfully in the hopes that an alder whacking crew will attack my beloved Steep and Deep (proper, not the wussy bit down the ridge line), but alas nothing so far.

The tree stand just above the Bear's Den has seen a little barber work this summer. This should open up the congested bit at the bottom of Bear a bit.

Looking North from the top of the Elk Chair with the town of Fernie at the right and the middle sister just peeking (peaking perhaps) over Mt Fernie. It was quite a bit whiter a few days ago.

The old Bear T-Bar base building has been all gussied up, although its new role will be rather mundane as a storage location.

Lizard in its fall finery.