Craig's Report - June 23, 2004

Morrissey Ridge Pictures

Two reports in two days??? Don't panic, it is just a fluke.

I took a ride up to the microwave tower and took some pictures today. Unfortunately it was a hot hazy day, so getting clear pictures was all but impossible, but the results were still interesting enough to keep and so I put them on my home album site (it looks a lot like the FAR reports, but just for family stuff). It occurred to me that perhaps they would be of interest to some of the FAR report readers as well, so I have copied them here as well.

The ski hill.

Looking North towards the Three Sisters.

South down the valley, but it took extreme measures in Photoshop to make anything visible.

South down the back side of Morrissey Ridge.

Some of the equipment that lurks up there.

Just a waterfall along the road.

What I think is a coal bed methane exploration site near the top of the Coal Creek to Morrissey road. I tried unsuccessfully to use the bike for scale, but the flattened patch is perhaps about the size of a football field, but more square. The well head is near the left of the frame. There is also fairly small water holding pond just below this that I didn't notice at first.